How to switch to Student Haus from an existing Letting Agent?


Our Free Agent Switch Service makes transferring management of your property to Student Haus very easy.



The switching process is quick & easy…

You need to…

  • Find out how much notice you need to give to end your current agreement (it's usually one or two months) and put it in writing using our simple e-mail or letter template.
  • Send you our Terms of Business for you to complete and sign.

…from there, we will…

  • Obtain your current tenancy details (AST, tenant & guarantor references, inventory, rent account statements, certificates, keys, etc.)
  • Introduce ourselves as the new Managing Agent to your existing tenants and let them know to pay rent to us from now on
  • Job done – we're your new managing agent!


Arrange your switch today by calling Student Haus on 0161 694 6427 or e-mailing

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