Duties of Tenants of (HMOs) student accommodation

Every tenant of student accommodation must-

(a) act in a way that will not hinder or frustrate the manager in the performance of the manager's duties;

(b) allow the manager, for any purpose connected with the carrying out of any duty imposed on the manager by these Regulations, at all reasonable times to enter any living accommodation or other place occupied by that person;

(c) provide the manager, at the manager's request, with any such information as the manager may reasonably require for the purpose of carrying out any such duty;

(d) take reasonable care to avoid causing damage to anything which the manager is under a duty to supply, maintain or repair under these Regulations;

(e) store and dispose of litter in accordance with the arrangements made by the manager under regulation 9; and

(f) comply with the reasonable instructions of the manager in respect of any means of escape from fire, the prevention of fire and the use of fire equipment.

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