Why does Student Haus use so much email communication?

In the age of the Gig economy people want answers, services and products immediately.
At Student Haus we have tried to adapt to these customer demands to assist you better. As a result, Student Haus has reduced the number of phone interaction to 10% of all incoming communication. This helps our team stay more efficient, respond to your queries more quickly and accurately and help a large number of customers simultaneously which means you never have to wait long to receive the answers you are looking for.
Emails also have the added benefit that all parties have a written record they can refer back to if needs be, which is especially important for HMO (Houses in multiple Occupation) properties where there is not only a larger number of tenants (who unfortunately may not always communicate with each other) but also a larger number of guarantors. As such, it is essential that all communication is accessible to all parties involved, after all the tenants are signing 1 joint tenancy agreement. Phone communication cannot compete with this.
We track and measure all email communication and our record shows that 44% of all emails get a response within the first hour or less. Our average response time overall is 15.61 hours compared to the industry average of 25.20 hours. This also takes into consideration weekends and bank holidays where the office is currently closed.
If you would prefer a quick chat on the phone we have a dedicated landlord line which can be reached via +44 161 694 6427. You will be asked to leave a quick message and depending on the content of this message the relevant team member will call you back as soon as they are available and generally within less than 24 hours.
Our team is always here to help with any queries you have and we welcome any feedback you want to leave via our online survey which can be accessed through this link:   https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/XQRFDMK  

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