Telephone Calls, Appointments, Emails and Client Confidentiality


As we receive a high volume of telephone calls every day it is physically and administratively impossible for certain departments (i.e. Accounts and Maintenance) to deal with all calls aimed at them and to administer the requests coming through. For that reason these departments do not have direct phone lines and all communication is via our online support desk. The team can help more people more efficiently and faster. 

To report maintenance visit and for any other queries contact our online help desk on or via instant chat on our website. 



As we are an online agency, we wish to avoid tenants, applicants and guarantors going to the time and trouble to visit our office only to find that a Student Haus representative is not available to see them. 



The Data Protection Act prevents us from discussing a tenant’s account with a third party unless we have the tenant’s authority.  During the course of the tenancy we will assume that we have the tenant’s authority to discuss the account with their guarantor. We will not discuss the tenant’s account with third parties such as friends, family, partners, colleagues etc. unless we have the tenant’s written authority.



Each day we receive a large volume of incoming emails.  We prioritise those communications in order of their degree of urgency. We reply to all emails as quickly as possible. As a guideline, we endeavour to reply to all emails within 24 working hours or sooner where possible.

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