Condensation & Damp in your Student Property

Condensation & Damp in your Student Property            

With several tenants living in the same property showering every day, plus cooking and drying clothes in the house, the moisture level in the air increases so much that it can`t all escape, which can cause damp and mould. 

Below are a few pointers to help you avoid mould in your student property.  

Cooking - Cover pans when cooking and open a window and use the extractor fan. Make sure the fan is working correctly. If it is not, please contact us.                                                                

Washing clothes – Put clothes out to dry whenever possible. ( Also makes them smell better) If you do air them in your room, leave a window open (don`t forget to close the window when you leave the room for security reasons.                                                                                                      

Close kitchen and bathroom doors when these rooms are in use as these stops the moisture reaching bedrooms.      
Clean the shower & mastic around the bath regularly with i.e. Dettol Mould & Mildew. This will prevent the mastic going mouldy.                                         

Ventilate cupboards and wardrobes. Don`t put too many things in them as it stops air from circulating. Let your clothes dry fully before putting them in the wardrobe. 
It is also good practise to open windows wide for a few minutes every day to ‘air` the house and let the moist air out.    Dry air in a house makes it feel warmer, so a better-aired house uses heat more efficiently.    

When showering and bathing, ensure you ventilate the room afterwards by throwing open the window and using extractor fans where provided.  If your extractor fans have stopped working please report this to us.    

In the morning, if condensation is spotted on the window, wipe it down with kitchen roll or a cloth.   

Do not dry clothes on the radiators in the house. This is usually the biggest cause of mould problems in student accommodation. Google ‘Indoor clothes dryer`.         

As tenants you have a responsibility to keep the property in a good state of repair, and take steps to ensure mould does not become a problem.

Should you have any problems with mould in your property, please report these to us through the link so we can minimise any problems      

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