What’s an Inventory?

The inventory provides a fair and accurate record of the contents and condition of the contents of the property as well as the property’s internal condition. The person preparing this inventory is not an expert in antiques, fabrics, woods, etc. nor is the inventory clerk a qualified surveyor. This inventory should not be used as an accurate description of each and every piece of furniture and equipment or as a structural survey report. All electrical appliances are considered to be complete, unless noted otherwise. All inventories are prepared on the tradition and accepted principle that in the absence of marginal comments, an enumerated item is free from obvious defects, damage or spoiling. Student Haus will not undertake to move large or heavy items of furniture and will not check in inaccessible areas. Items left in lofts, cellars, locked garages, etc. will not have been inventoried and are, therefore, the responsibility of the landlord. All items should be left in the same location at the end of the tenancy and all beds left unmade with bed linen cleaned and folded.

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