Schedule of Charges

Schedule of Charges


Standard charge list for damage items/cleaning of items (including VAT & labour). These costs are approximate and may vary dependent on the situation.



Cost – up to £

Repair / Replace front door (fire door)


Replace door lock


Redecorate bedroom (inc damage rectification and/or de-fumigation as a result of smoking)


Redecorate kitchen


Replace mattress – Single/ ¾ / Double


Replace/repair bed - Single/ ¾ / Double


Replace/repair wardrobe up to


Replace study desk


Replace desk chair


Replace curtains/blinds (depending on size)


Replace bedroom flooring


Replace bedside cabinet


Replace chest of drawers


Replace intercom phone


Replace flat flooring (corridors / lounge)


Replace sofas


Replace flat screen TV


Replace TV unit


Replace TV shelf


Replace kitchen flooring


Replace kitchen blind


Replace microwave


Replace kitchen bin


Replace vacuum cleaner


Replace oven / hob - each


Replace kitchen/dining table


Replace kitchen chair


Replace coffee table


Replace worktop


Replace washing machine / washer dryer

£300 / £350

Replace fridge freezer/ fridge or freezer

£250 /£200

Replacement fire extinguisher or tampering with fire extinguisher


Replace pin board


Replace book shelves


Replace desk top


Replace shower cubicle/side panel


Replace shower tray


Replace bathroom mirror


Replace toiletry shelf/cupboard


Replace toilet seat


Replace Internet patch lead


Replace bedroom door


Clean bedroom flooring


Clean flooring (corridor / lounge) (if applicable)


Clean bedroom at end of tenancy if not up to standard


Clean en-suite at end of tenancy if not up to standard


Clean kitchen at end of tenancy if not up to standard


Removal per sack of rubbish from flat/room


This list is not exhaustive and the Landlord reserves the right to charge for any damages not considered to be due to normal wear and tear.

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