Maintenance Responsibilities of tenants

It should be noted that tenants are responsible for the below and will be charged directly for any of the below:

1. Blocked sink: Try caustic soda or thick bleach
2. Mice & Vermin
3. Re-pressurising boilers and Bleeding radiators: unless there is a leak on the system
4. Dishwashers not cleaning dishes – has the filter be cleaned?
5. Changing fuses
6. Changing light bulbs
7. Oven Smoking – Have you cleaned your oven?
8. Electrics are tripping – possibly a tenant appliance causing this?
9.  Washing machines problems – where problem has been caused by tenants
10. Lost Keys
11. Non-adherence to Smoking Policy
All our properties are non–smoking. Any damage caused by tenants or tenants’ visitors who smoke in the property, such as repainting, specialist cleaning or fire alarm panel faults that require repairs, will be deducted from your deposit.

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