1. Don’t prop open fire doors. These should always be kept shut.
  2. Keep escape windows and doors clear of any obstruction.
  3. Do not overload sockets or use appliances that are damaged or have damaged cables. If you have to use an adaptor or extension lead, ensure it is in good condition, is properly fused and complies with an appropriate standard.
  4. Position portable heaters so they are backed up against a wall facing into the room and ensure they are secure from falling over. Do not place them near curtains or furnishings and do not use them for drying clothes.
  5. Do not leave cooking unattended and keep cooking appliances clean and free of crumbs, fat and grease that can easily catch fire.
  6. Do not leave candles and tea lights unattended and properly extinguish them when not in use. Make sure that they are placed on fire resistant surfaces and away from furnishing and fabrics.
  7. Ensure cigarettes are properly extinguished before going out or to bed.
  8. Do not cover up, disconnect or tamper with smoke alarms/the fire alarm system. Report all faults and false alarms to your landlord so that they can be addressed.
  9. Read the instructions on fire blankets and fire extinguishers so you know how to use them.
  10. If a fire becomes uncontrollable, do not attempt to extinguish it. Get out and dial 999.



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