How to reserve a property with Student Haus?

How to reserve a property with Student Haus

Step 1 - Reply with
-           The address of the property, 
-           Whether you want the Property with or without bills 
-           The name & email address of your flat mates
Step 2 - Wait for an email from Student Haus

Step 3 - Pay a £120 p.p. admin fee and start the application process. *
The admin fee will take the property off the market for 5 working days **

Step 4 – Submit your application forms online
Complete your application online.

Step 5 - Your guarantor needs to submit their guarantor application forms
Once you have completed step 4 and nominated a guarantor, your guarantor automatically receives an email. The guarantors need to submit their application forms now.

Step 6 - Pay one month`s rent & sign the tenancy agreement
Pay one month`s rent and sign the tenancy agreement.
This one month`s rent will count towards your summer rent. Your next rent payment is therefore not due until either August or September, depending on whether you are staying in the property over the summer or not and what has been agreed with your Landlord.

Step 7 – Pay your deposit
The deposit is due by 1st June. This needs to be paid to either Student Haus or your landlord, depending on who manages the property. 

  • Ensure you confirm in writing if there was anything you pointed out during the viewing that was important to you and which you want to be part of the agreement.  
  • The tenancy is subject to contract, satisfactory guarantor references, tenant references and requested payments.
  • All applicants require a guarantor who must be over 18 years of age, meet the affordability criteria and have a permanent UK based address. (A guarantor is someone, usually a parent, who promises to meet the terms of the tenancy, such as paying rent, if you don`t. If you cannot provide a guarantor you can either pay the rent in advance for the length of the tenancy or use a guarantor service such as . For any questions regarding this contact  

You have more questions?
No problem. Visit our Help & Support Section on our website  

* The purpose of an Admin fee is for the prospective Tenant to show the Agent (and Landlord) that they are genuine about their intention to proceed with the tenancy application. It is also security to protect the Agent (or Landlord) from any loss if the prospective Tenant pulls out of the tenancy application process.
The admin fee is non-refundable and covers the processing of the application.
** Day 1 of the application process starts on the day the 1st application fee payment is received

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