What criteria must Guarantors fulfil?


The following can be deciding factors to see if guarantors can support the tenant(s):


  • Be UK residents (homeowner OR non-homeowner)
  • Be aged between 18 years and 75 years
  • Guarantors must have valid identification
  • Home ownership is a plus – though not a necessity
  • Their income must be verified to be sufficient to cover the rent. The total combined guarantor income should be 3 times the amount of the annual rent. ( i.e. if the monthly rent is £1,170 all guarantors together must earn at least £3,510 per month)


Where the tenant cannot provide a guarantor they can either pay the rent in advance or use a guarantor service such as https://www.housinghand.co.uk/   


We are unable to accept guarantor who receive their income through benefits.

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