What is a Household for HMO purposes?

A household is: �

  • Couples married to each other or living together as husband and wife and couples in same sex relationships �
  • Relatives living together, including parents, grandparents, children and step children, grandchildren, brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces or cousins.

Half-relatives are treated as full relatives. A foster child living with his or her foster parent is treated as living in the same household as his/her foster parent.

Any domestic staff are also included in the household if they are living rent-free in accommodation provided by the person who they are working for.

More household examples �

  • Three friends sharing together would be considered as three households �
  • A couple sharing with a third, unrelated person would be classed as two households �
  • A family renting a property is a single household. If that family had an au pair to look after their children that person would be included in their household. �
  • Four students sharing a house would be classed as four households even if they share a tenancy agreement.
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