Natwest Student Living Index

According to the Natwest Student Living Index below are the top 5 most cost-effective cities for UK students.


  1. Cardiff
  2. Aberdeen
  3. Durham
  4. Canterbury
  5. Swansea


The survey found that Students in London pay the highest rent at £140 more than the national average, with Exeter not far behind. Students in Belfast pay the least.




The Index has been calculated based on average monthly living and accommodation costs decided by average monthly income. The survey found income is derived from students loans followed directly by parents income. Other sources are personal savings, term-time work, bursary/scholarships, holiday work, overdrafts, grants, sponsorship and other forms of bank loans.


To view the full study from Natwest please visit the link here: file:///Users/edouarddilan/Downloads/NatWest-Student-Living-Index-2017.pdf

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