How to save money effortlessly as a student



Being a student and living on a tight budget can be hard. Here are 3 ways to help you save money effortlessly:


1. Meet Cleo

There is #fintech service called Meet Cleo. It’ll link to your bank account and communicates with you through the messaging app on Facebook. It can instantly give you your account balance and help you set budgets and autosave. To sign up follow:


2. Yolt

Another great app is Yolt. It also connects to your bank accounts , helps you set budgets and you can easily categorise your spending and see where your money goes. For more info visit


3. Moneybox

It’s never too early to start investing. If you want to get started in investing some money, don’t have any (big) savings though and don’t know where to start Moneybox might be the app for you. You can set a weekly budget to automatically save i.e. £5 which the app will then invest on your behalf. Additionally, you can activate a feature called “Round ups” which will automatically round up your purchases to the next Pound. For example you make a purchase for your weekly grocery shop at Aldi for £25.56, the app will then automatically round up the £0.56 to the next pound and take the £0.44 and invests it into your Moneybox account. The app will therefore help you save and invest money painfree and effortlessly. Moneybox does charge a management fee so please check their T&Cs.


4. Chip

Chip is an app that will link to your existing bank account and automatically calculates sums of money you can save each month and puts these away in a savings account. To sign up use code JSYU8Y



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