4 Books to read if you’re thinking of starting your own business after University



1. The E-Myth by Michael Gerber

This book is about the importance of leverage and systemisation to scale a business and build a strong foundation from the start.


2. Managing Online Reputation by Charlie Pownall

The game of business has changed, so has the business-customer relationship and the business-employee relationship. This book gives some great pointers on how to handle customer complaints - which are bound to happen - and how to turn them around in the now very public sphere of the internet.


3. Built to Last by James Collins

This book examines 18 extraordinary and venerable companies to examine what has allowed them to prosper for decades, in some cases for two centuries. This book is great for entrepreneurs and business owners who are in it for the long-term and who want to understand what makes a business last over time.


4. How to Win at the Sport of Business by Mark Cuban

An inspiring book by Shark Tank investor Mark Cuban about how we made it in the world of business after graduating from University. Mark Cuban loo writes a blog called Blog Maverick http://blogmaverick.com



If you’re someone that’s not keen on reading a full book a great app to get is Blinkist https://www.blinkist.com/ which gives you a summary of books to read or listen to. Reading time is about 10-15 minutes per book so you’ll not have any excuse anymore to not finish a book. Now you can read 4 books in 1 day! The app covers different topics from Entrepreneurship & Small Business, Marketing & Sales, Personal growth & Self-Improvement, Management & Leadership, Money & Investment and many other useful topics for anyone thinking of starting their own business after graduation.


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